Mission Partner - SU Qld


Part of St Bart’s Mission commitment for several years now, is to support chaplains in two schools, Gabbinbar Primary and Centenary Heights High School. This virtually covers the cost of one day at each of the schools as St Barts contributes $5000 per annum to SU Qld for each school. Recently, due to financial constraints, SU went through a restructuring process to meet a budgetary shortfall which saw a number of staff reductions throughout SE Queensland. David Cowie, who some of you will know as a past parishioner of St Barts for many years, has assumed the role of Development Manager for the Toowoomba region, after 5 years with SU in Brisbane as an Area Manager. He has oversight for over 60 chaplains in a similar number of schools. This is not with complications, as he seeks the sale of his house at North Lakes and makes the transition. Please pray for David and Bev as they seek to sell their house, and also for the normal logistics associated with making a move.