Around the Parish

One of the changes that occurred in the last 18 months is the increase in younger people attending church. Most of these are in the 0-12 range. We have seen the Sunday School squeezed for space but mainly music has also seen an influx. Last week we heard that one of the other churches who ran this program ceased to have a mainly music, so the result was that seven new families came to St Bart’s for the first time on Thursday. The team is very experienced and accommodating however, and the increased attendance was absorbed without fuss. Ron Spindler is back in the saddle again. He and Crystal spent a few weeks sailing the Pacific to Hawaii. Ron said it was a very refreshing time and can thoroughly recommend Waikiki Beach. Ron has also answered the call to perform a baptism in Cunnamulla in the next few weeks. It’s only a 9 hour drive each way so he might be looking for some company.