News from Around the Parish


Last Sunday was also Mother’s Day and Adam interviewed Ame Lawrence to ask a few questions on what significance being a mother was to Ame. Ame’s reflections took her back to her own Mum and I am sure we all have memories of our mum’s and grandma’s. Good to see that Chic and Pam Somerset and Rob and Wendy Brodribb are also back from their African Adventure. Chic wasn’t too impressed with 13 hours of flying in cattle class but from what I hear the tour leader Rev Des Potter did a great job. (Des was Assistant Priest at St Bart's from 2006 to 2008 and is now Rector at Shepparton). Having been there myself a couple of times and getting a bit of that big continent in my blood I’m sure the memories of people and animals will live long.

Girl’s Getaway was on this weekend. This is a City Women initiative to build confidence and self-worth for our mothers of the future. The girls come from a variety of backgrounds and this year more of the people in our congregation are joining in this wonderful ministry. So many people offered to help and Col and Rose Butler did a great job catering ably assisted by some elves I hear. In all about 50 girls spent a couple of nights at the camp at Highfields and after such a high I am sure they will need our prayers in the next few days as they settle back into life.