Easterfest Era Draws to a Close


As many of you will know, after Easterfest this year the organisers announced that they would be entering into a discernment period as to whether or not Easterfest can continue. It's with sadness that it was announced this week that the Easterfest era has come to an end. I'm sure there is still a future for Easterfest, but no doubt it will have to look quite different in the future. Please find below the official statement released by the Board earlier in the week.

Easterfest journey comes to an end After 17 years of high quality music festivals the Easterfest board has announced the end of an era. “It’s with great sadness that I announce on behalf of the team that Easterfest will not run again in 2016,” said board chairman Tony Gear. “This has been the most difficult decision we’ve had to make, and we understand it will take time for the Easterfest family to process this news.” Like many other music festivals around the world, Easterfest has seen a slow decline in crowd numbers over recent years. “We desperately wanted to find a way forward after this year’s festival. In recent weeks we’ve looked at all the options, we’ve considered all the factors, and come to the conclusion that this current event model isn’t sustainable,” said Mr Gear. Event director Dave Schenk has been overwhelmed at the outpouring of support. “It’s been incredible to receive so many offers of assistance from all of the people who have made this festival such a great event,” said Event Director Dave Schenk. “Easterfest has become a family to us and many others, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have given so much over the past seventeen years.” Easterfest has been an iconic event in Toowoomba, and was recently identified by the State Government as one of Queensland’s major events. “We love Toowoomba, and we want to thank the community for letting us hold such a significant event in the centre of such a beautiful city,” said Mr Schenk. “We hope the financial and social benefits of Easterfest will continue into the future.” Easterfest was a celebration at easter, about easter, and we can only give glory to God for what has unfolded at this festival. It has been a privilege to gather with thousands of people to celebrate and remember the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.