Church Finances Update

With an average of around 300 parishioners in attendance each Sunday, St Bart’s can be considered a large Anglican church within the Diocese of Brisbane. This year we have set the budget for Tithes and Offerings at $7000 per week. This is tracked and noted in the Newsletter each week. While you will notice this week that we this figure has been exceeded, many times we don’t and although the giving in tithes and offerings as well as Vision 2020 pledges has increased, there is a small shortfall against budget. We continue to carry a debt on Stage 1 of the building with about $170,000 still owing. Our repayments are just over $5000 per month, and for the first time, our income into the Education and Christian Teaching Fund from which payments are sourced has fallen below $3000 per month. That’s a shortfall of around $2000 per month. We came into the year carrying surplus funds in this account but unfortunately that surplus has been diminished to a point where we may have to transfer funds from other accounts to meet the shortfall. Donations to this account (details in the newsletter) are 100% tax deductible, and with tax time just around the corner please consider.

With regard to Vision 2020 pledges, several people made their commitment early. That meant that we were able to transfer $80,000 to a Term Deposit with Anfin to meet the initial cost of employing a Children and Families Minister and Youth Minister. That will remain exclusively for that purpose. While the position of Youth Minister was filled we have yet to engage anyone in the other position. Please continue praying that God will send us the right person.