Building (Stage 2) Update


As noted in the quarterly finance report, a debt of about $170,000 remains for Stage 1. While it has been an extraordinary effort to reduce the debt to this level in just over 3 years, we have only 2 years left before we must lodge a building application for Stage 2. Our Development Application Approval has been extended to July 2017. By that time, we must have a completed plan lodged with Toowoomba Regional Council, which would allow us to commence building immediately. It is imperative that we utilise this time frame, as a fresh DA would incur prohibitive infrastructure and other charges which were covered in the initial lodgement. These charges could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. During the past few months, we have received approval from the Diocese to engage Hutchinsons Builders to construct Stage 2, with a floor area of 750 sq metres which will include an auditorium to seat 350-400 people and provide at least 200 sq metres for training and education facilities for our youth and children’s ministries. There will be a cost of about $45,000 to have plans drawn before we know what the cost of Stage 2 will be. Presently we have insufficient reserves to meet that cost, so we will need to grow financial support before we can proceed further.

If you would like to contribute towards the building fund, please refer to the details on the back of the NEWS each week, or on the giving page of our website.