Help Prepare for our Easter Services


Term 1 is almost now over and Easter is rapidly approaching! Easter, especially with its profile in Toowoomba with Easterfest, is one our easiest opportunities to connect people with the Gospel. There are three key ways that we can prepare to take full advantage of this. #1 PRAY. Prayer is of course the most important activity that underpins everything we do, but particularly our desire to reach every person in Toowoomba. Please pray that our advertising will be effective and that many people might be prompted to come along to one (or more) of our Easter services. Pray for soft hearts that are receptive to the good news of why Jesus died and rose from the dead.

#2PROMOTE. There are many ways to promote our services. If you are on Facebook, consider sharing the Easter promotional materials from our Facebook page and even ‘checking into’ church when you come on a Sunday. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry! By far the most powerful way to promote our services is by personal invitation. Please consider inviting people whom you are in contact with on a regular basis. That could include colleagues, neighbours, family, friends, peers, co-members of clubs, your local shopkeeper – everyone! We have lots of flyers, so be sure to take some home with you. You may just be surprised at how receptive people are to your invitation.

#3 PARTICIPATE. Finally please participate in as many of our services as you can be coming along. With a range of services commencing Maundy Thursday, not only is a wonderful opportunity to deeply reflect and give thanks for all that God has done in Christ, but by being there you can also intentionally connect with the visitors who will be there too.

For more information on our Easter Services, please take some Easter flyers from church or visit the page on our website.