Recycling at St Bart's

It's really exciting that last week we put the processes in place so that we can start recycling appropriate waste. To that effect, St Bart's entered into an agreement with JJ Richards to collect our recycled waste separately. An industrial bin has been provided and will be collected fortnightly. We've also  purchased two yellow plastic bins which have been clearly marked so that they will not be confused with the normal waste bins which are blue in colour. The yellow bins also are marked with the type of recycled waste that will be collected, including plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, and aluminium cans (a sign on the wall above will highlight what can be deposited in them). One yellow bin will be placed beside the water cooler and disposable cups may be placed in it rather than the small silver bin which previously used for this purpose. The other bin will be located in the office.

To the gardeners, please note that the industrial bin marked for recycled waste is not to be used for green waste (i.e., plants, clippings, grass etc). Green waste can be deposited in the other industrial bin if necessary though please be mindful of overfilling it and not allowing space for normal domestic waste.