Discussion Opened for Stage 2

On Friday, representatives from the parish met with Diocesan officials regarding Stage 2 of the St Bart's building plan. The Building and Furnishings Committee is a new forum established to streamline the process of establishing guidelines for any building programs within the Brisbane Anglican Diocese. Representatives of the various Commissions all meet together each month rather than the previous structure of meeting with each one separately. The March meeting was the first opportunity to meet with the Committee since its establishment in November. At this stage we are determining the process, as there have been many demographic changes since Stage One was constructed. We as a parish have learnt much during that period. The parish would like the process to be that of design/construct rather than engaging an architect and going to tender. The main advantage is that we can be more certain of the cost of construction once plans are drawn and that the builder can be consulted during the design stage to discuss alternatives that may be more cost effective.

Provided we obtain approval from the Diocese to proceed in that manner, we can then choose a designer/architect and modify the original sketch to incorporate a design that best suits the needs now. That includes the provision for an auditorium seating 350/400 as outlined in Vision 2020 and the growing needs of our children and youth as well as providing training facilities and space for additional offices. This can all be achieved within the original footprint and will provide upwards of 700 metres of space, or about double the existing building. We will continue to provide the parish with updated information periodically.