Update from Ignite Conference


On the first Saturday of March each year, Ignite Conference brings together over 800 people involved in Children’s Ministry. Whether they are leaders in Kid’s Clubs, Sunday School, RI teachers or Chaplains – in fact any sort of children’s ministry – people are drawn to listen and share experiences. The keynote speaker was David Wakerley, Kid’s Pastor and Creative Director of Hillsong kids. David mentioned that only 7% of kids are in church, and of that we have a limited time with them. We need to be innovative, encouraging and provide opportunities to be creative. While Hillsong Kids may be a very large organisation, many of the same problems are common. That’s what makes a conference of this type so successful. In all there are almost 60 speakers and 72 electives for people to enjoy and the calibre of presenters is extremely high.

In all seven people from St Barts attended the conference. Some had been before and others first timers, but all gained knowledge and ideas which will be shared and incorporated into teaching our children. Soon we hope to have a Children’s and Families Minister, but in the end we should all thank the many volunteers who turn up each week, sometimes enduring difficult situations, but come back again and again for the sole purpose of spreading the Gospel.

About this time last year, our children’s ministry program started to gather momentum. Please pray that as many more are added that the leaders and teachers are equipped and the children are taught well.