Register for our Welcome Workshop on March 21 (7-9AM)

What an incredible privilege it is for all of us to help create a welcoming environment at St Bart’s. It’s not just the people who are ‘rostered on’ who have a role to play in welcoming – it’s a joy and responsibility of all of us to be great hosts. So that we can grow in our welcoming, we will be holding a welcome workshop (breakfast) on March 21 from 7-9AM. We have lots of exciting things to share over breakfast and will also spend some time together growing in our welcoming capacity. If you would like to be part of the welcome team, we would love to welcome you! We are in particular need for welcomers (there’s a range of roles) and especially at 9.30AM (but we need more at both services). To signup for the breakfast and workshop, please write your name down on the clipboard near the entrance to the auditorium or complete the registration on our website.

Roles include:

  • Front Door Welcomers. This involves greeting people at the door and directing them (especially if they are new).
  • Sidespeople/Ushers. This involves handing out materials, helping usher people (so that we can have the most efficient use of space), guiding people during the Lord’s Supper, and helping at the door after the service (e.g., Connect Cards).
  • Car Park Attendants. As our car park is getting fuller, we’d love to add Car Park attendants who can help direct where people can find a car park (and direct to closer ones for people with mobility challenges).
  • Buggy Drivers. Helps people make it to the church which is especially helpful for young children and those who are frail.