Working Bee - March 28


Everyone is invited to take part in a working bee on March 28 commencing at 8.30AM. We'll finish (at 12.30PM) with a BBQ and it will be a great time of fellowship as well as helping to get our grounds and facilities looking great. Many hands make light work and all tools will be provided. Many of our members are involved with their own section of gardens but this day is not about working on them, it’s about the back area which can be forgotten. Likewise, because the mowing is completed on a regular basis this won't need to be completed either. To signup, please put your name down on the list of jobs near the entrance to the auditorium. Please also indicate if you intend to stay for the BBQ for catering purposes. Contact Geoff on 46 351486 if you have any questions about this day.

List of Jobs (so far)

  1. Trees up the car park pathway – remove lower limbs.
  2. Clean off roof of shed down the back (Geoff to provide extension ladder to get up there and hopefully someone young and agile to get up and do this task ). Also there is a small hole in the clear sheeting that needs repairing.
  3. One of the bush type seats that Geoff supplied needs to be shifted to face the Prayer Gardens current site. (Muscle power required for this.)
  4. Clean up all sticks and small branches from the back area. (Maybe a couple of cars/trailers for this job.)
  5. Cut off growth and trim around trees and remove with car/trailer as per point 4.
  6. Cut off small limbs and small tree regrowth and place them as garden edges around back gardens. This will give them a natural look. This would be a task for Geoff and his chainsaws along with his larger trailer.
  7. Tidy up these back gardens.
  8. Remove spider webs from around the building.
  9. Possible cleaning of lower windows and doors etc. so cleaning products needed for this.