The Rev'd Dr John Dickson on Stephen Fry and Suffering (ABC Religion and Ethics)


A new response to Stephen Fry entitled "Why Stephen Fry's Complaint Against God is Unconvincing - if You're a Christian" appeared on the ABC's Religion and Ethics website. Here's a snippet with a link to the full response following: "When The Meaning of Life host Gay Byrne asked Stephen Fry what he would say to God if he found himself standing before the Pearly Gates, his reply was short and sharp: "Bone cancer in children: what's that about?" Fry then proceeded to launch into a powerful description of how "evil" and "stupid" God is to allow suffering we have not brought on ourselves.

The minute long snippet soon went viral - and rightly so. After all, Fry was expressing the feelings of many, including those who make the same complaint within the pages of the Bible.

But I do sometimes feel that atheists like Stephen Fry could perhaps do more to see things from a believer's point of view. While the problem of evil continues to unsettle and perplex most thoughtful people, including Christians, there are reasons it cannot succeed as a logical case against God's existence or goodness."

Read the full response here on the ABC.