Making a Great Start to 2015: Small Groups


This week I share the final part of our series on ‘how to make a great start to 2015’ – Small Groups. We have lots of small groups that meet on various days all across Toowoomba. Early in February we will be launching our Small Groups for 2015, so please take this opportunity to try one out! You can wait for the launch, view and enquire online now, or contact our Small Group Coordinators (John and Helen Obst) for more information. Here’s five reasons why joining a Small Group is a good idea:

  1. Go Deeper. Sundays just aren’t enough to explore every aspect of the Bible passage and its implications for our lives. Small Groups create a wonderful space to open up understanding, have questions answered, and apply the Bible to your life in a tangible way.
  2. Pray and Care for One Another. Small Groups are an incredible source of support – through care, but also by sharing life with one another. Praying for each other (at group and throughout the week) is extraordinarily powerful.
  3. Grow Friendships. Small Groups are a significant source of authentic fellowship together.
  4. Grow in your Relationship with God. Walking with each other is an amazing way to help grow closer to God.
  5. Encourage Each Other in Mission. One of the most powerful aspects of belonging to a Small Group is the way in which we can encourage each other in our everyday missional context (be that work, where we live, sporting groups that we belong to, or wherever we study). Small Groups are also a great way to invite people along who might not be ready to come to church, but are keen to understand more about God.