Election of Office Bearers


At our Annual Meeting today we elected our new Parish Council for 2015. Parish Council carry important responsibilities in the life of our church, particularly with regards to governance and strategic leadership of our mission. The churchwardens for 2015 are: Wendy Swanson, Jeremy Freyburg, and Dennis Gamble (Priest's warden). The nominators (who are responsible for finding a new senior minister if our current minister were to vacate the position) are: Trish Rathie, Warren Dutton, and Dennis Gamble. The Parish Council are: Warren Dutton, Rich Garner, Josh Goodall, Reuben Lawrence, John Obst, Jodie O'Shannassy, Trish Rathie, Barry Stone, and Malcolm Thompson. Please give great thanks to God for these leaders, and pray that God will equip them for the task ahead.