VISION 2020 Pledge Update

It is with great thanks to God to announce that the total committed at our VISION2020 pledge Sunday (November 30) was in excess of $205,000. Over 70 families committed pledges over the following three years. Some pledges continue to come in and if you haven’t yet had an opportunity to make yours (and you would like to), please return it to the church office when you can in the coming week. The total amount pledged so far represents 65% of what is needed over three years to support the additional staffing central to VISION 2020. Because of the way that pledges have been staggered, we will have the full amount needed for 2015 (with any surplus to be set aside for the subsequent years). As a result, the wardens and I have decided to commence advertising for the full-time role of Children & Families Minister as soon as possible (working with our Bishop and the Diocesan processes).

Thank you for your incredibly generous and sacrificial support of VISION 2020. How amazing to be part of the mission of God together. Together in Christ we are more than conquerors. May he continue to use us powerfully for his glory and kingdom – especially in Toowoomba as we strive to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ. Please join me in giving thanks to our wonderful God who does indeed supply.